Our Projects

At New Harvest Ministries International Inc., we focus on various projects including drilling fresh water wells, pastor training, evangelism, building churches, working with orphans and so much more.  We have a large variety of current projects that you can be part of.  We would love to have you be part of the New Harvest team!

Fresh Water Wells
100,000 families in India enjoy clean, fresh water as a result of New Harvest Ministries providing wells in more than 100 villages.  A well dedication ceremony is held for each new well, allowing the unreached to hear the Gospel.  Lives are changed, as fresh drinking water and the Living Water is carried into remote areas.  $4,000 is needed to drill a well.  Contact us if you, your group, your church, or your business would like to sponsor a well.  The grateful villages place a plaque in honor of those who provided the well at the well site.

Well dedication ceremonies in India often lead to the need for a prayer house for the new believers in that village.  As the family of believers grows, a larger church building is needed. 

A prayer house is currently under construction in Nagpur, India.  $9,230 is needed for this project.  $8,500 will provide a prayer house for the believers in Kavilpatti.  Pastor Edwin is building a prayer house in Odhan, Haryana for his growing young church.  

A donation of $2,000 will complete one of seven new churches that are being built in Tanzania.  

Pastor Training
There are currently 7 branches of New Harvest Bible College operating across Tanzania. More than 1,000 graduates are establishing churches and evangelizing cities and villages in Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo.  Two of these colleges are in need of replacement equipment.  You can provide this equipment with only a $1,500 donation.

In India, over 1,200 pastors and evangelists have graduated from the Bible Colleges and are preaching and teaching the gospel. Special training seminars for pastors and leaders is also provided. A convention center for the annual gathering of churches and pastors is under construction.  

Open air gospel meetings are held in cities, villages, and very remote areas across India and Tanzania.  Over 750,000 souls have come to salvation in Jesus Christ through these meetings.  

The Varghese brothers hold an annual conference with pastor seminars and evangelistic outreach.  Each year, people travel from several churches in the area and stay on the conference grounds for a week for encouragement and to spread the Gospel.  Many of the conference grounds buildings are still under construction.   

Pastor Laban holds open-air gospel meetings and would like to begin recording Christian music to sell in Mpanda. Only $3,000 would provide a keyboard with recording capabilities.  This would be a means for outreach and hopefully provide income for the ministry.  

Orphans and Widows
Faith In Action Ministries of India operates homes for widows and orphanages that house children.  Funds are constantly needed to provide necessities and pay staff.  They also need to add on to one of the orphanages to care for more children.  $20,000 will be needed for this expansion.  Frequent changes in zoning requirements have forced them to send some children away.  

Pastor Laban and NHMI Tanzania supports families in Mpanda and the Nyargusu refugee camp who have chosen to take orphans into their homes to care for them.

The Elizabeth Day School, in Dehradun, India, teaches 120 students Pre-K through 5th grade.  Construction has begun on 3rd floor with three more classrooms that will allow them to add 6th-8th grades.  The total cost on this project will be $15,384.

Pastor Laban has started a kindergarten daycare center in Mpanda, Tanzania for children 3-5 years of age.  The students learn English, preparing the for their bright futures.

Farming operations in Katumba, Tanzania, and India provide means for the ministries become self-sustaining.  Trees, cashews, maize, sunflowers, beans, and groundnuts are grown and harvested for supportive income.

(Kasava tree sprouts shown in photo.)

Machine Shop

Pastor Laban sold parts from a non-functioning tractor and excavator and used the money to start a machine shop. He hired some young men who have attended technical school to start a business of welding, manufacturing, recycling, and repairing farm equipment and other machinery to earn money for the ministry. 

Thanks to your sacrificial giving, Pastor Laban was able to purchase a new vehicle to use for ministry!  Several bishops in Tanzania need motorbikes to reach the churches that they oversee. 

Thanks to your sacrificial giving, Pastor David was able to purchase a new vehicle for the boys’ orphanage!  

The Elizabeth School still needs reliable transportation.  $11,000 will provide for this need.

Health Care
A young pastor Tanzania, whose studies were supported by NHMI, saw a great need for health care and felt called to go to medical school to provide for this need.  With the help of Pastor Laban, a medical dispensary was opened in Mpanda.

Mothers & Children
The maternity/infant care ward next to the dispensary is almost complete.  Pastor Laban hopes to obtain some equipment  in time to begin operations at the end of October.