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Mpanda, Tanzania – July 2023

The new well for the school property was installed and fresh, clean, clear water ready for use!

Mpanda, Tanzania – July 2023

The land for the Elementary School has been cleared! Pastor Laban and Anna held a land clearing/dedication ceremony to bless this exciting endeavor.

Mpanda, Tanzania – June 2023

As of June 23, 2023, we have received our first donation towards the amazing project of building a new K-8th grade school in Mpanda, Tanzania. We are in awe of what the Lord is doing! 

We invite you to partner with New Harvest and join those who have already given to support this exciting opportunity! 

The Nursery School and Pre-School classes held in buildings on the church grounds in Mpanda, Tanzania have been very successful and now a K – 8th grade school is needed for the next phase of the education process!

Thanks to a generous partner family, a well has now been placed on the 4-acre property where the school is to be built. Pastor Laban has formulated a plan for constructing the elementary school building.

The first phase is to construct the Administrative Offices, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Playground along with the first few classrooms. The estimated cost is $48,000.

The second phase will provide more classrooms to be added for the promoted grades. The cost will be determined at the time this phase is implemented.

Prayerfully consider partnering with us to complete this vital program.
These children are receiving a Christian based, English speaking education. It would be a great project for your church, youth group, prayer group, or family to embrace!

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